Dialling Code 0162



0162Phone Code: Classic spelling
+49162With german country code +49
+49(0)162With country code +49 and optional 0
0049162With country code 0049
(0162)Telephone code in brackets
0162-With hyphen as separator to the phone number
0162/With slash as a separator to the phone number

Which network has this mobile phone code?

Since the introduction of Mobile number portability in 2002, the prefix (here 0162) is no longer a indicator for the mobile radio network.

Originally, the phone code 0162 was assigned to Vodafone. Currently, however, this can be used or be active in a different german network.

Which provider is that?

The same applies to the provider. Originally to Vodafone assigned can this number theoretically be in use at every other german mobile provider.

Call a german 0162 mobile number from abroad

To call a mobile number with the prefix 0162 from abroad, you must dial the area code for Germany (+49 and 0049) at the front. In addition, you have to remove the 0 from mobile phone code. The final phone number then has the following form: +49162...